Cost Money And All That Good Stuff

There is no cost to participate in Art Club. We will, from time to time, participate in activities outside-of-art-club that will have a fee. Also, we will need art supplies for various art activities during Art Club meetings. I will cover these myself until we decide as a group how to operate. My eventual goals for this group include service projects and community service that will add cost. Please don't let this deter anyone from participation. There will be plenty of choice, some potential fundraising, and the ability to help our fellow homeschoolers. I will keep transparent accounting records for all funds and donations flowing "through" the club.

Some details we will work out as a group and discuss at the parents' meeting:
*I will provide a receipt to anyone for any supply or cash donation

  1. to begin with, I will have a "tip jar" at every meeting and event for you to add as you see fit
  2. flat "materials" fee for the semester/year
  3. give what you can, when you can
  4. fundraising for group supplies, field trips, events- gallery show, and community service
  5. requesting donations from area art-related businesses
  6. potential non-profit status??? (for money filtering through the club and for donors to receive tax benefits)

Supplies Wish List:

  1. The usual disposable items: paper towels, trash bags, plastic cups, styrofoam plates (used in painting), hand wipes/baby wipees, hand soap, hand sanitizer, all purpose cleaner
  2. recycled items- newspaper, magazines
  3. clip boards, rulers, (geometry) compasses, white copy paper, brightly-colored copy paper, bright white card stock, A-2 size invitation envelopes, mini 3 inch x 3 inch canvases

Purchases Wish List:

  1. Artist quality markers (at least 3 sets)
  2. Artist quality colored pencils (at least 3 sets)
  3. Artist quality acrylic paints and brushes

Events Wish List:

  1. Gallery Show
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