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Look for changes to the website once the students meet and are able to participate and give input.

Members Area

Who am I and what is this?

Who am I?
Welcome to Art Club for Knoxville Homeschoolers. We are currently planning to start early September 2018 for the 2018/2019 school year. Below you will find all of the current information available. This group is an informal gathering of Knoxville area homeschoolers age 12 and up. (see below for note about ages) Please understand, this is not a class or teaching event. While there may be a demonstration, this is primarily an event to interact with other artists. There is no cost for Art Club.

~drawing, canvas painting, knitting, sewing, origami, sculptures/clay, sketching, weaving, photography, fashion design, 3D crafting, architecture/modeling, costume making, quilling, calligraphy, caricature, crochet, latch-hook, cross-stitch, dyeing, animation, cartoon/manga/anime, collage/mosaic, screen-printing, etching, graffiti/street art~

Contact Info

Sharon Beaver
(727) 698- 8955 call or text
My FaceBook profile and Messenger
Club FaceBook page


Monthly meetings: Liza Moz Pottery 1645 Downtown W Blvd #35, Knoxville, TN 37919
Events & Field Tips: On-site as planned

Schedule & Calendar

Initially, Art Club will meet monthly on the second Monday of the month (although there will be exceptions). It will last from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. We will have other activities and events scheduled outside of this regular meeting time. At least 1 a month, initially.

**Public Google Calendar coming soon **
Parent & Community Member Informational Meeting (informational meeting details)
September 6th @ 7pm-8pm

Monthly Meetings
September 10th (first club meeting details)
October 15th *the 3rd Monday
November 12th
December 10th
January 14th
February 11th
March 11th
April 8th
May 13th


Art Club will be free, but there may be extra costs along the way. There will always be plenty of notice and it will never be cost prohibitive. Please attend the parent meeting to get more detailed information on costs.

Who is this for (Ages)

Any Knoxville area homeschooler is welcome to join. Art Club activities are appropriate for ages 12 and up/ 7th grade and up. The birthday cut-off will be 12 years old by 9/4/2018.

Regarding younger students- my personal focus is on "older" students, but, if a homeschool parent wanted to come along side of our group and organize something for the younger crowd, I would be open to that.


Everyone is welcome to attend Art Club as frequently (or not) as they can. To be recognized as a member*, you will need to do the following:

  1. attend at least 1 monthly club meeting each semester of the school year
  2. attend at least 1 outside-of-club activity each semester of the school year
  3. Either 1) use the Forum monthly or 2) fulfill a Club job/responsibility

*I will discuss membership at the upcoming parent meeting.

Ok, but what will we be doing?

No one will be required to participate in anything. Everything will be optional. They are welcome to sit and work on their own art independently.
-*lots* of socialization- your student can talk, move around, participate
-a collaborative art project
-time to share your art with other homeschoolers
-work on your art while other homeschoolers are working on theirs
-demonstration of art techniques, handicrafts, or interesting art tools- something new every meeting
-art-related field trips or art professional speakers
-highlighting ways art is active in our community

Mission Themes

All activities planned will be centered around 4 main themes.

  1. Creativity- first and foremost
  2. Connect- collaboration and connection among peer artists
  3. commitment- commit to filling the puzzle-piece role that only *you* can fill in our club
  4. community- explore ways art reaches the Knoxville and surrounding community

Anything else?

End of the year gallery Show
If there is enough interest, we will coordinate a gallery show for everyone to have an opportunity to show off their art. Probably an evening event, with displays, light refreshments, a publication, and family & friends to support our artists. Details as the semester progresses.

Ways you can help

  • any and all suggestions are appreciated
  • If you have any connections with any art-related professionals in the community, please let me know.
  • If you have an art skill, craft, or talent and would like to share it in a demonstration, please know it will be appreciated.
  • Please tell all homeschoolers that may be interested. Help us spread the word!

Future ideas

  • student leadership/job responsibilities for students
  • website to showcase artwork year round
  • service projects related to art
  • club tshirts!
  • fundraisers for donation to charities and for club use
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